Master of Science Combined Degree (Non-Thesis)

Program Overview

If you’re interested in earning your Master’s Degree, consider the Materials Science combined program.  The combined degree has been designed for current Mines undergraduates to complete their Master’s in one additional year of study. Students majoring in Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical and Biological Engineering, and Metallurgy and Materials Engineering will be well prepared to be successful in the combined program.  To be admitted, students will need three letters of recommendation and a 3.5 GPA. Students with a GPA below 3.5 will be reviewed by the program for consideration.  Contact Megan Steelman ( for advising and apply during your senior year for admission in the following fall semester.

Undergraduates are welcome to complete graduate coursework toward this degree during their senior year, but the credits may not be used to satisfy requirements for their bachelor’s degree including elective coursework and must not exceed 9 credit hours.  The non-thesis Master of Science combined degree requires a minimum of 30 total semester hours of acceptable coursework and case study credit including:

  • 24 hours of courses
  • 6 hours of case study credits (Sign up for MLGN 599, Case Study Materials Science, using a paper form at the Registrar’s Office)

Students have two options for completing their case study.

Option one: Student completes a detailed written literature review (approximately 20-40 pages) in a focused research area of interest within Materials Science field.

Option two: Conduct short independent research project under the supervision of a Materials Science faculty member. Results will be detailed in a short written case study report (approximately 20-40 pages) and will be evaluated by their research supervisor.