Moises A. Carreon

Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Moises CarreonMy research interests focus on the rational design of advanced functional porous materials at different length scales, including zeolites, mixed metal oxides, metal organic frameworks, and porous organic cages for applications in molecular gas separations, heterogeneous catalysis, and gas storage. We aim to have a better understanding of the formation mechanisms of these materials and to establish its fundamental structure/separation and structure/catalytic relationships.

Representative examples of our current research interests include: (1) Zeolite and metal organic framework membranes for carbon dioxide capture which has relevant implications in natural gas and flue gas treatment; (2) Catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide into useful chemicals such as cyclic carbonates and carbamates; (3) natural gas storage employing smart-nanovalve adsorbent composites; (4) catalytic transformations on biofuels with improved cold flow properties, and (5) microporous crystalline membranes for Xenon capture. 


255 Alderson Hall
1613 Illinois Street
Golden, CO 80401
(303) 273-3329


Research Group

  • Jolie Lucero, University of New Mexico. Postdoctoral fellow
  • James Crawford, Montana State University. PhD student
  • Shurraya Denning, Colorado School of Mines. PhD student.
  • Quishi Wei, South China University of Technology. PhD student
  • Courtney Smoljan, CSM Undergraduate
  • Alejandra Osuna, CSM Undergraduate
  • Danika Thayer, CSM Undergraduate
  • Michel Anderson, CSM Undergraduate

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  • BS, MS – Universidad Michoacana, Mexico
  • PhD – University of Cincinnati
  • Post-Doctoral Study – University of Toronto and University of Colorado-Boulder

Selected Publications

  • M.A. Carreon* Porous crystals as membranes, Science 2020, 367, 6478, 624-625.
  • T. Wu, J. Lucero, J.M. Crawford,  M.A. Sinnwell, P.K. Thallapally, M.A. Carreon*  SAPO-34 Membranes for Xenon Capture from Air,  Journal of Membrane Science 2019, 573, 288-292.
  • T. Wu, J. Lucero, M.A. Sinnwell, P.K. Thallapally, M.A. Carreon* Recovery of  Xenon from air over ZIF-8 membranes, Chemical Communications 2018, 54, 8976-8979.
  • L. Yang, M.A. Carreon*, Deoxygenation of palmitic and lauric acids over Pt/ZIF-67 membrane/zeolite 5A bead catalysts ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2017, 9, 31993-32000.
  • X. Feng, Z. Zong, S. K. Elsaidi, J. B. Jasinski, R. Krishna, P.K. Thallapally, M. A. Carreon*, “Kr/Xe Separation over a Chabazite Zeolite Membrane” Journal of the American Chemical Society 2016, 138, 31,9791–9794.
  • Z. Song, A. Nambo, K. L. Tate, A. Bao, M. Zhu, J. B. Jasinski, S. J. Zhou, H. S. Meyer, M. A. Carreon*, S. Li, M. Yu,“Nanovalved  adsorbents for CH4storage” Nano Letters 2016, 16,5, 3309–3313.
  • Yang, K. Tate, J.B. Jasinski, M.A. Carreon*, “ Decarboxylation of oleic acid to heptadecane over Pt-supported zeolite 5A beads”, ACS Catalysis 2015, 5, 6497-6502.
  • C. Miralda, E.E. Macias, M. Zhu, P. Ratnasamy, M.A. Carreon*, “Zeolitic imidazole Framework-8 catalysts in the conversion of CO2to chloropropene carbonate” ACS Catalysis 2012, 2, 180-183.
  • M. Zhu, S.R. Venna, J.B. Jasinski, M.A. Carreon*, “Room temperature synthesis of ZIF-8: The coexistence of ZnO nanoneedles, Chemistry of Materials 2011, 23, 3590-3592.
  • S.R. Venna, Jacek B. Jasinski, M.A.Carreon*,“Structural Evolution of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8Journal of the American Chemical Society 2010, 132, 18030–18033.
  • S.R. Venna, M.A.Carreon*,“Highly Permeable Zeolite Imidazolate Framework-8 Membranes for CO2/CH4Separation”, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2010,132, 76-78.

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Honors and Awards

  • 2018 Doctorate Honoris Causa. Universidad Michoacana (UMSNH), Morelia, Mexico
  • 2018 Early Career Scholar in Materials Science. Journal of Materials Research
  • 2017 List of 10 Successful Mexican Personalities in the USA. Magazine “Hola”
  • 2014 Innovator Award. Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • 2014 List of 12 Extraordinary Personalities that Moved Mexico in 2014
  • 2014 National Academy of Engineers Frontiers of Engineering Symposium Invitee
  • 2013 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
  • 2013 AIChE Separations Division Kunesh Award
  • 2011 NSF CAREER Award
  • 2009 ACS-PRF DNI Award