Dylan Domaille

Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Dylan DomailleThe Domaille lab is a chemical biology lab in the Department of Chemistry at the Colorado School of Mines. Using principles from organic chemistry, engineering, and materials science, we develop tools and processes that address critical concerns in the fields of energy and human health and disease. The research in the group falls into three main areas: a) biocompatible chemistry; b) dynamic covalent soft materials; and c) chemical sensing in biological systems.

Specific projects in the group are focused on:

  • Interfacing catalytic upgrading reactions with microbial production of chemical building blocks in single-flask processes to improve yields of biomass-sourced products and mitigate microbe toxicity
  • Developing dynamic covalent soft materials that alter their mechanical properties in the presence of cellular events, such as ion efflux and oxidative stress to aid in wound healing
  • Identifying new chemical triggers that covalently tag proteins directly involved in ROS generation, which will enable us to better understand the spatial distribution of cellular ROS and identify key players in ROS signaling pathways


162 Coolbaugh Hall



  • BS, University of Oregon
  • PhD, University of California, Berkeley