Tom Gennett

Professor and Department Head, Chemistry

Tom Gennett


  • BA – State University of New York Potsdam
  • PhD – University of Vermont

Selected Publications

  • Harris, J.D.; Raffaelle, R.P.; Gennett, T.; Landi, B.J.; Hepp, A.F. “Growth of multi-walled carbon nanotubes by injection CVD using cyclopentadienyliron dicarbonyl dimer and cyclooctatetraene iron tricarbonyl.” Materials Science and Engineering B. (116(3); p. 369–74.
  • Landi, B.J.; Raffaelle, R.P.; Heben, M.J.; Alleman, J.L.; VanDerveer, W.; Gennett, T. (2005). “Development and characterization of single wall carbon nanotube—Nafion composite actuators.” Materials Science and Engineering B. (116(3); pp. 359-362.
  • Dillon, A.C.; Parilla, P.A.; Alleman, J.L.; Gennett, T.; Jones, K.M.; Heben, M.J. (2005). “Systematic Inclusion of Defects in Pure Carbon Single-wall Nanotubes and Their Effect on the Raman D-band.” J. Phys. Chem. Lett. (401); p. 522–28.
  • Morris, R.S.; Dixon, B.G.; Heben, M.J.; Raffaelle, R.; Gennett, T. (2004). “High-Energy, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Based on Carbon Nanotube Technology.” J. Power Sources (138 (1-2); pp. 277-280.
  • Liu, P.; Lee, S-H.; Yan, Y.; Gennett, T.; Landi, B.J.; Heben, M.J. (2004). “Electrochemical Transformation of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube/Nafion Composites.” Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters (7(11); pp. A421-A424.


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