Brian G. Trewyn

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

Research areas in the Trewyn group include the synthesis of multifunctional high surface area, porous inorganic and organic materials, expanding the repertoire of characterization techniques of these materials, and application development for heterogeneous catalysis, drug delivery and controlled release, electrocatalysis, and environmental and energy challenges. To be successful, our approach is highly multidisciplinary, requiring knowledge and understanding concepts in chemistry, biology, biochemistry, material science and engineering, and biomedical engineering. Current research is focused on conductive, mesoporous carbon for electrochemistry substrates, supported tandem bio- and inorganic catalysis, delivery and controlled release of therapeutic biomolecules, utilizing mesoporous silica as templates for new materials, and exploring earth-abundant elements as active catalysts in unique environments.  We are actively working with research groups in chemical engineering, medical schools, material science and engineering, and national laboratories in and out of Colorado.


  • BS – University of Wisconsin – La Crosse – Chemistry and Microbiology
  • PhD – Iowa State University – Inorganic Chemistry


152 Coolbaugh Hall
(303) 384 2224
Fax: (303) 273 3629