Andriy Zakutayev

Research Assistant Professor, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Dr. Andriy Zakutayev is a staff scientist at National Renewable Energy Laboratory and a research professor at the Colorado School of Mines. The applied direction of his work includes development of new materials and devices for solar cells, Li-ion batteries, fuel cells, and  other renewable energy technologies using materials-by-design  methods. The basic direction involves research on non-equilibrium synthesis of metastable materials, discovery of previously unreported materials, as well as fundamental surface and interface science. Zakutayev uses high-throughput combinatorial approaches to thin-film synthesis, characterization, and data analysis in his work.

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PhD in Physics, Oregon State University

BS in Electronics, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

Research areas

  • Materials discovery and design
  • High-throughput experimental methods
  • Physical vapor deposition of thin films
  • Defects/disorder and doping in semiconductors
  • Non-equilibrium and metastable materials
  • Surface and interface science
  • Thermoelectric materials and devices
  • Photovoltaic absorbers and solar cells
  • Transparent conductors and wide-bandgap semiconductors
  • Oxide, nitride, sulfide, phosphide materials
  • Photoelectrochemical production of fuels
  • Ultra-Wide-Bandgap semiconductors for extreme electronics
  • Quantum materials and materials for quantum computing
  • Electrocatalytic and thermochemical materials
  • Batteries and energy storage materials

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Triple ionic–electronic conducting oxides for next-generation electrochemical devices
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Growth and Characterization of Homoepitaxial ß-Ga2O3 Layers
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An open experimental database for exploring inorganic materials
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Design of nitride semiconductors for solar energy conversion
A. Zakutayev
J. Mater. Chem. A 4, 6742 (2016)

Design of Semiconducting Tetrahedral Mn1−xZnxOAlloys and Their Application to Solar Water Splitting
H. Peng, P. F. Ndione, D. S. Ginley, A. Zakutayev, and S Lany
Phys. Rev. X 5, 021016 (2015)

Defect Tolerant Semiconductors for Solar Energy Conversion
A. Zakutayev, C. M. Caskey, A. N. Fioretti, D. S. Ginley, J. Vidal, V. Stevanovic, E. Tea, and S. Lany
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 5, 1117 (2014)

Theoretical prediction and experimental realization of new stable inorganic materials using Inverse Design approach
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Surface origin of high conductivities in undoped In2O3 thin-films
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Zn–Ni–Co–O wide-band-gap p-type conductive oxides with high work functions [pdf]
A. Zakutayev, J.D. Perkins, P.A. Parilla, N.E. Widjonarko, A.K. Sigdel, J.J. Berry and D.S. Ginley
MRS Communications 1, 23 (2011)

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