Jeramy Zimmerman
Associate Professor, Department of Physics

Jeramy ZimmermanMy research interests are primarily in developing and understanding materials used in various photovoltaic and light emitting devices. My on-campus research develops structure-property relationships connecting molecular properties, bulk morphology, interfacial morphology, and solid-film optoelectronic properties in small-molecule organic thin films. This research includes the use of atom probe tomography to understand fundamental science and improve device efficiency in small-molecule organic light emitting diodes and small-molecule organic photovoltaics. A second research interest of mine, primarily with collaborators at NREL, is the integration of III-V semiconductors with silicon for optoelectronic platforms, such as photovoltaics.


CoorsTek 309
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  • Postdoc – University of Michigan
  • PhD – University of California, Santa Barbara
  • BS – Colorado School of Mines

Research Areas

  • Condensed matter physics
  • Photovoltaic and light emitting materials
  • Epitaxial crystal growth
  • Semiconductor interfaces
  • III-V/Si integration
  • Small molecule organic electronics
  • Atom probe tomography

Current Research Projects

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