Graduate Student Guide


Thesis Proposal-Defense Process

  1. Contact Megan Steelman (, 303-273-3640) to reserve space for your proposal and defense.
  2. Defense proposal should be completed in your fourth semester. The Thesis Proposal Form should be brought to your proposal and then turned in to me once completed (CK 203). Note: Your proposal must be completed before the semester you apply for reduced registration.
  3. Ready to defend your thesis? Complete the Thesis Defense Request and send your abstract and photo to Megan Steelman at least two weeks before the defense so an announcement can be made to peers.  This is a requirement.
  4. Bring your checkout card and Defense Result Form to your defense. The checkout card is provided by the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) via automated e-mail when you apply to graduate.  If the e-mail was accidentally deleted, request OGS to resend.


Graduation Deadlines