GAANN Fellowship

The MME Department at Mines is widely-known for its excellence in research mentoring, scholarly activity and student achievement. Since 2014, MME Ph.D. students have received prestigious fellowships from the National Science Foundation (Graduate Research Fellowship Program), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, The Boettcher Foundation, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, amongst many others. GAANN Fellows will be sought out with the goal of mentoring them towards exceptional metrics of productivity, including peer-reviewed publications and presentations at national and international conferences and workshops.

To obtain the best possible pool, the Committee will select Fellows with grade point averages (GPA) higher than the historical admissions UG GPA of the MME department (3.54 based on data from 2008-2020). Special consideration will also be placed on matcing potential GAANN Fellows with academic advisors whose research interests align with their own. This advisor will be the main source of mentoring for the student as they pursue their degree, but the full GAANN Committee will also provide informal mentoring and guidance as well.

Current GAANN Fellows

Casey Gilliams

Alex Hansen

Jamie McIntyre

Charles Meisel

Ruben Ochoa

Allison Perna

GAANN Fellows Receive:

  • A Competitive Stipend
  • 100 Percent of Tuition
  • Educational Expenses, Fees, and Health Insurance
How to Apply

1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (

2. Submit a single .pdf with the following information to

  •  A one-page personal statement explaining your (1) educational and career goals, (2) interest and experience working with communities and research, and (3) a short description of your research interests/project, and how the GAANN fellowship would help you achieve your goals (12-point font, single-spaced, 1” margins).
  •  Your CV or Resumé showing your name, contact information, education history, research, teaching and work experience, volunteer work, publications, and presentations.
  •  For current students and incoming students, a letter of support from your faculty advisor.
  •  A signed MME-provided waiver that will allow the GAANN administration to screen the outcomes of the FAFSA submission, including expected family contribution information.
  •  In the email to which the .pdf is attached, confirm submission of the FAFSA for the academic year you are applying, and include your CWID.

For questions about the GAANN Fellows program, please contact Prof. Suveen Mathaudhu (

Fellow Requirements
  • Be accepted into the Ph.D. program in a major within the MME department: Metallurgical and Materials Engineering or Materials Science at Colorado School of Mines. M.S. students are not eligible.
  • Meet Department of Education eligibility requirements as (1) U.S. citizens or nationals, (2) permanent residents, (3) intent to become a permanent resident in the U.S. (must provide evidence from Immigration and Naturalization Services[]), or (4.) citizens of a Freely Associated State (Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau).
  • Demonstrate financial need. This is done by submitting a completed 2022-23 FAFSA (, as award amounts may not exceed demonstrated financial need. The student must also submit a signed waiver allowing GAANN administrators to screen your FAFSA data.
  • A planned career in teaching and/or research. The research, teaching and career aspirations of the applicant, as reflected in written statements, will be used as criteria to select GAANN Fellow recipients from the pool of applicants.
  • Each fellow will complete the required degree core courses in addition to professional development and selected elective courses.
  • Each fellow will complete two semesters of Teaching Assistantships during their course of study.
  • Each fellow is encouraged to support and participate in approved mentoring and outreach activities, including mentoring of undergraduates, judging science fairs, K-12 outreach, participating in workshops and/or other programs.
  • The cohort of fellows will participate in periodic meetings and other campus programs, such as inclusive pedagogy and leadership to foster community and ongoing development.
  • The GAANN Fellowship provides a stipend tied to the NSF GSRP stipend level (~$2833/mo) and covers tuition and fees. However, the amount of each student’s award is determined by their demonstrated financial need from the FAFSA review.
Fellow Activities
  1. Research Training
    • Research Skills for Graduate Students (SYGN501, 1 credit)
    • Introduction to Research Ethics (SYGN502, 1 credit)
    • Oral Communication Skills (SYGN683, 1 credit)
  2. Teaching and Pedagogical Training
    • College Teaching (SYGN600) – Fellows MUST take this course
    • Teaching Assistance (TA two semesters)
    • K-12 Early Field Experience (SYGN498, 1 credit)
  3. Service and Outreach
    • K-12 outreach, particularly to communities with under-represented minority groups, with the goal to get schoolchildren excited about science and engineering
  4. Mentoring of Undergraduate Students
    • Fellows to mentor and supervise undergraduates hired to support department labs
  • December 1st (for Spring 2023 applicants)
  • For questions or more information, email Suveen Mathaudhu –