Master of Science Degree in Materials Science, Non-Thesis

Program Overview

The non-thesis Master of Science degree has been designed for engineers or scientists who are working in industry. The thesis requirement is replaced with the requirement to complete a Case Study. The industrial student, who most likely has technical laboratory or manufacturers experience, may find this program more suited to their employment responsibilities.

The non-thesis Master of Science degree requires a minimum of 30 total semester hours of acceptable coursework and case study credit including:

  • 24 hours of courses (minimum)
  • 6 hours of case study credits. (Sign up for MLGN 599, Case Study Materials Science, using a paper form at the Registrar’s Office).

Non-thesis students are strongly encouraged to gain industrial or laboratory experience during the course of their studies through co-ops or other arrangements. Students must indicate their intent to pursue a non-thesis Master of Science at their initial enrollment in the Materials Science program. Permission to change tracks from thesis to non-thesis, or vice-versa, will be granted only under certain circumstances. It must be approved by your advisor and submitted for approval by the Graduate Affairs Committee.