CoorsTek Fellowship

CREATE THE NEXT GENERATION of high-performance materials, working on projects of scientific interest and industrial significance with faculty at Colorado School of Mines and scientists and engineers at CoorsTek, the global leader in engineered technical ceramics.

CoorsTek recently made the largest donation in Mines history—just under $27 million—to create the CoorsTek Center for Applied Science and Engineering.

CoorsTek is investing $120 million to build a Center for Advanced Materials in Golden, with leading-edge research, analytical, and manufacturing equipment.

JOIN THIS DREAM TEAM and work with state-of-the-art equipment and world-renowned faculty and scientists as they create new technical ceramics for a variety of critical applications.

Technical Areas of Interest

Processing / integration / application of porous ceramics • Joining technologies for glasses and ceramics to each other and/or to metals • Strengthening and toughening of ceramics • Scalable fabrication and processing techniques for ultra-high-purity ceramics • Science and engineering of ceramic grain boundaries • Powder processing science • Ion-conducting ceramics • Ceramics under extreme gradients (e.g., thermal, chemical, electrical field) • Synthesis of ceramic powders • Corrosion of ceramics

Current CoorsTek Fellows

CoorsTek Fellows Receive:

  • A competitive stipend
  • 100 percent of tuition, fees and health care
  • opportunities to work with world-renowned scientists and engineers in a beautiful setting
How to apply
  • You must apply for the Materials Science program. Only PhD applicants are eligible.
  • Include the words “CoorsTek Fellowship” at the top of your statement of purpose to indicate that you would like to be considered for the fellowship.
Process of Selection and CoorsTek Fellowship Committee
CoorsTek Fellows are selected annually from the graduate applicant pool at Mines by the CoorsTek Fellowship Committee.  The committee chooses candidates who demonstrate the potential for academic excellence and a strong interest in ceramics.  The members of the CoorsTek Fellowship Committee are Geoff Brennecka, Megan Holtz, Ryan O’Hayre, And Anna Staerz at Mines and Randel Mercer, Frank Anderson and Michael Coors at CoorsTek.

CoorsTek Invests in the Next Generation of Materials Scientists

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